Our centres and programs solve both key problems in the Roma community – education and employment.


 Hesed implements four main programs in its centres.

Child development
Social skills


Our centres, which implement the MIR model, represent a new type of social infrastructure with a positive impact on the entire community. Dozens of municipalities in Bulgaria with dense Roma population need these programs for equal inclusion.

The centres are located in the immediate vicinity of our clients’ homes, providing social and psychological comfort to the people involved. All services are offered according to the clients’ needs and abilities – programs for children and mothers in the morning and for youths and adults in the afternoon and evening. Trained community assistants from the centres participate in various social, health and educational activities.


HESED offers consulting on situation analysis, development of the best suitable strategies for meeting the needs and overcoming the issues with human resource development and integration of ethnic minorities.

We offer local strategies with a combination of services and programs that meet the local development needs. They include:

– Basic and follow up  training of local teams; 
– Staff supervision to ensure maximum quality of services and burn-out prevention;
– Organisational development and team building;
– Assistance in developing successful local networks of stakeholder service providers and institutions.

HESED teams have applied local situational analyses, strategic planning and all other activities throughout the 12-year history of the most successful National programs – those for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Tuberculosis.



The HESED team has extensive experience in conducting rapid assessment of the situation and analysis of needs and resources. This experience is based on our deep understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods (study design, in-depth interviewing, focus groups, observations, etc.)

Each intervention is applied together with results and effectiveness evaluation with the most appropriate methods. Our expertise is developed through multiple trainings, obligatory internal evaluation, and external assessment through various projects and programs. Our work in effectiveness evaluation of interventions has been featured in prestigious international and national  scientific publications.