MIR Centre Sofia – Filipovtsi neighbourhood

Since July 2015 Sofia already has a second centre implementing the MIR model – the Centre for Integrated Services for Children and Families in the “Filipovtsi” neighbourhood, “Lyulin” region.

The neighbourhood of Filipovtsi is densely populated, with about 7-8 thousand Roma living there. Hesed first entered the neighbourhood in 2012 programs for pregnant women and mothers of young children, which enjoyed great popularity and high recognition in the community. Thanks to the construction of the Centre for Integrated Services for Children and Families with the assistance and financial support of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, the French Embassy and Sofia Municipality, Hesed was able to expand its activities in the neighbourhood and currently offers innovative programs for early childhood development, building the social skills and skills for coping with the requirements of the labour market of adolescents and improving parental capacity.

The Centre has been a distribution point of the Sofia Baby Food Complex – Lyulin region.

You can read and listen to more information about the Centre in Filipovtsi here.