Demo Centre MIR,   Fakulteta neighborhood, Sofia

Due to the growing interest in the programs offered at our Centers for integrated development, we built a Demo-Center. This center has plenty of room to run and demonstrate the various programs in our Model for integrated development. The Center is located in the second largest Roma neighborhood in the country – Fakulteta – and addresses the needs of over 300 children annually with early child care and hundreds of young people in need of developing their social skills and key competencies for a more successful inclusion in the labor market.

The opening of this center was made possible again thanks to the VELUX Foundations and the cooperation of Sofia Municipality, Krasna Polyana District and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. There was also support from a number of additional donors such as Sofiyska Voda and the French company VEOLIA, the Social Protection Fund, the Communitas Foundation, the Reach for Change Foundation, the Open Space Foundation, the 77 Foundation, the companies Intext and Holcim, as well as donors from the Health and Social Development Foundation staff and other individual donations.